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Two reasons to visit a podiatrist regularly if you have diabetes


If you have diabetes, here are two reasons why you should be visiting a podiatrist on a regular basis. The podiatrist will be able to alert you to the presence of infections or ulcers that you may not have noticed. Even if you take your medication correctly and consciously avoid consuming foods that will cause blood glucose spikes, you may still occasionally experience high blood sugar levels (as there are many other things that can affect the amount of glucose in your blood, including illness, stress and medications like statins, hormonal contraceptives and steroids).

8 November 2018

Don't Get STUNG By Skin Cancer: 5 Hidden Spots to Check for Melanomas

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Did you know that Australia has the highest rate of melanoma in the world? This malignant and aggressive form of skin cancer affects thousands of Australians every year, representing 75% of all skin cancer deaths. Thankfully, if found early, melanoma is very easy to completely cure. That's why it's so important that you visit a skin cancer clinic for regular check-ups and keep an eye on your skin between appointments. However, while most people know that looking out for skin cancer signs is important, many don't know where to look.

28 September 2018

A Short Guide To Varicose Veins

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Varicose veins are a common condition affecting millions of people worldwide, some of whom are not aware of their condition. It is characterised by visible veins in the feet and legs and is treated in a variety of ways by a vascular specialist or surgeon. This short article aims to explain the condition in more detail, from symptoms to treatment. What Are Varicose Veins? Most people have heard of varicose veins but do not know what they are or what causes them.

29 August 2018

Prostate Cancer and Intimacy Post-Treatment: What You Need to Know

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All types of cancer affect one's quality of life in a certain way. Prostate cancer is not different, but in this case, it affects one of the most sensitive areas in men—their intimacy and sexual lives. After prostate cancer treatment, one may be worried about their ability to be intimate and meet their partner's needs. The truth is, this is a genuine concern. That's because of the risks that surround prostate cancer treatment, be it surgery or radiation.

29 June 2018

Different ways through which you can receive respite care


Many Australians spend a lot of time and effort caring for their loved ones. Conditions such as child disability, elderly diseases and other similar conditions can exert emotional and physical drain on caregivers. For a caregiver to provide high quality care, they also need to take some time to recharge. Respite care can be offered to caregivers in many different ways. From in-home care to community centres, the flexibility of respite care is aimed at making the services very convenient for caregivers.

17 May 2018

Three ways to prevent a dental emergency

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A dental emergency can be quite a nightmarish situation; having to rush to the nearest dental clinic to get treatment for cracked, bleeding tooth or an excruciating abscess can be a very distressing experience. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce your chances of ending up in this type of situation. Read on to learn more. Invest in a mouth guard Many people enjoy participating in contact sports such as boxing, wrestling and rugby.

5 May 2017

Tackle High Blood Pressure and Pass That Pre-Employment Medical

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A pre-employment medical assessment involves a full head-to-toe examination to make sure you're in good health before starting work. The tests include your weight, vision, hearing and blood pressure. If you have particularly high blood pressure, you should already be on a treatment plan with your doctor, possibly involving the use of medication to bring things back to normal. But if you're just concerned that your blood pressure might be a bit on the high side and want to reduce it, there are a few things you can do to help in advance of your medical assessment.

18 April 2017

Here Is How You Might Be Able to Get Your Braces Off Faster

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Braces are an orthodontic treatment that will not only ensure you have healthy teeth but also enhance your smile. A lot is often expected of you after you get your braces, particularly in terms of care. Unfortunately, braces can take quite some time to work, especially if you are an adult because they work by directing your teeth in a given direction and this will usually take longer for adults.

4 April 2017

Maximising Muscle Gains: The Essentials Of Workout Recovery


It's easy to get caught up in chasing higher and higher numbers on the barbell during workout sessions, and giving 110% to every repetition in the gym; however, to a large degree it is what you do after your workouts that determines their success. With this in mind, consider the following essential features of any effective recovery. Stretching The stretching and cool-down portion of your workout is the first step in your recovery process.

28 March 2017

How to Prevent Sensitivity During Your Teeth Whitening Regimen

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Have you ever experienced sensitivity after whitening your teeth? If so, you are not alone! Most teeth whitening products cause the teeth to be extra sensitive to heat, cold, touch, and certain types of foods. However, sensitivity should not deter from whitening your teeth as this is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to restore the natural color of teeth. Here you will learn some measures that can be taken to reduce or prevent teeth sensitivity during and after your teeth whitening procedure.

22 March 2017