Here Is How You Might Be Able to Get Your Braces Off Faster

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Braces are an orthodontic treatment that will not only ensure you have healthy teeth but also enhance your smile. A lot is often expected of you after you get your braces, particularly in terms of care. Unfortunately, braces can take quite some time to work, especially if you are an adult because they work by directing your teeth in a given direction and this will usually take longer for adults.

While there are no quick fixes to ensure your braces work at a faster rate, there are a few things you can do to ensure that you don't interrupt with the safe movement of the teeth, which is actually the main reason your braces may take longer to work. Here are some of those things.

Be Extra Careful with What You Eat

The first step to getting your braces working slightly faster is watching what you eat. The type of drinks and foods you eat have a direct impact on your teeth and this could mean that the effectiveness of your braces in getting them to move as intended may be affected.

Sodas and carbonated drinks are not good for your teeth and anything that is bad for your teeth is bad for your braces. The sugary content in the drinks and sodas can facilitate tooth decay so watch out what you drink. While carbonated drinks are discouraged, you may find yourself taking some once in a while and whenever this happens, always remember to rinse your mouth with clean water to help neutralise any negative effect the drink could have on your teeth.

Gooey and sticky foods such as gums, hard candies, and chocolate bars are also discouraged. This is basically because such types of food can actually bend the wires in the braces, which means there are chances your teeth could end up being pulled in the wrong direction.

It is also advisable to stay away from hard foods such as meat and apples. However, if you must have them, make sure they are cut into very small pieces that will ensure you are only taking small manageable and easily chewable bites of food into your mouth.

Don't Interfere with the Treatment

The obvious result of interrupting your treatment is elongated healing times. One common way people interfere with their orthodontic treatment is pulling and pushing the braces. Unfortunately, many people do this without even noticing. For instance, habits such as biting your nails can exert some pressure on your teeth, which means you will be guiding them in the wrong direction and your braces will take much longer to pull them back to the intended direction.

To learn more about getting through the process as quickly as possible, contact a local orthodontics clinic. 


4 April 2017

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